Foreplay, as it's traditionally known, is that bit that comes before sex.

Foreplay usually involves kissing, hugging, fondling, stroking the erogenous zones, oral sex and manual stimulation. Foreplay is usually followed by penetrative sex. This has been the standard definition for many years.

Today, however, many women are starting to question the very notion of "foreplay." This is because foreplay is supposed to be the time when a woman is made ready for sex, while sexual intercourse itself, followed by male orgasm, is defined as the ultimate goal.

The problem here is that old fashioned ideas of foreplay don't take into account the way that many women reach orgasm. Considering that around 60 to 70 per cent of women can't orgasm through penetrative sex alone, all the activities previously described as "foreplay" are actually more conducive to female orgasm itself - the main course, as it were.

The creates problems with the standard definition of foreplay (or the play before the main action). Because, for many women, the main action is over before penetrative sex. And the idea of intercourse and male orgasm as being the ultimate goal also doesn't fit in with a female viewpoint of sex.

In essence, we get back to that old feminist idea of patriarchy. In this case, it's a culturally set male viewpoint that makes us think of kissing and oral sex as secondary to intercourse.

In response to this, many sexologists and commentators have been pushing for a broader definition of sex itself. All the things previously considered to be foreplay should now be considered to be part of the general act of having sex.

So why is this site called Erotic Foreplay?

Well, most people still use the term in everyday language. And if this site is going to present kissing, hugs, licks and other aspects of "foreplay", it's going to have to be easily recognised as such.

So please, call it whatever you like, but remember - kissing, hugs and oral sex can be the main course too!

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