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Welcome to Erotic Massages.

We know that there's nothing sexier than a long, slow sensual massage administered by a gorgeous man - except for the long, slow sex afterwards!

We've got the best erotic massage tips to spice up your love life.
Leave these tips lying around for your beloved to find... he might just take the hint.

We've also got fabulous pics of gorgeous men giving their women the most sensuous massage of their lives. Click here to see the first gallery, or click here to see the second gallery.

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The Ultimate Personal Erotic Massager

The Eroscillator
A recent addition to the vibrator market is the Eroscillator. This electrically-powered device oscillates from side to side, instead of vibrating up and down, and the makers claim this action creates better orgasms, faster. As it oscillates 3,600 times a minute, it's easy to imagine the benefits.

The main marketing point of the Eroscillator is that it is a full-blown electrically powered "massager" that is purely intended for sexual use. All other electric vibrators are marketed as muscle massagers, and may not necessarily be the best thing to put near your rude bits. Thus, this vibrator is lighter and more flexible, but far sturdier than any adult-shop-type vibrator. It never runs out of batteries, comes with 5 attachments, all designed to stimulate the genitals, and even has its own instruction book on how to produce orgasms with the device.

The makers conducted a study comparing their design with the Hitachi Magic Wand, the Prelude III, and the Eroscillator. The 30 participants reported faster and more intense orgasms when compared with the other vibrators. Dr Ruth has personally recommended its use in sex therapy.

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